On Warm-Weather Romance

Sometimes it’s nice when things don’t last.

Not every romance needs to be this life-changing event that ends in divorce court or being buried in matching grave sites right next to each other with some funny saying on the tombstone. Sometimes you can just learn a few lessons from a nice person who treated you well and made the summer fly by. And even if the love doesn’t end up being soul-shattering, you likely will take something from it for the rest of your life. It’s quite lovely to be able to look back on a relationship with someone who, though certainly not the love of your life, made you feel wonderful and for whom you wish only the best. How lucky we really are to have a nice summer under the stars to look back on, when everything lay before us and we knew that, if only for a month or so, we were with someone who loved us.


on humor

As much as we enjoyed this new life, we both are facing many obstacles. Which i think very common, especially with stubborn couple, like us. Small things becoming huge, and the other way around. You know the stories about one did not put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket, or one did not close the bathroom door. That shits, it happened, unavoidably. Not to mention individual habits, one is a morning person, the other is an night owl. One has a mild OCD symptoms, the other is just go with whatever suit the mood.

In the beginning it’s really hard for me to understand the entire situation. I am a very straight forward person, in the other hand; E is a very quiet one. Sometimes words that coming from my mouth sound really harsh for him and his quietness irritated me (we know this all along; it’s a matter of the amount of time we spent together, it is becoming more intents). Argument over argument happened once in a while. Sometimes it’s really hard. Sometimes it’s really easy. It makes me think about those people who passed their golden year marriage life. How’d they do it?

If you Google this situation, they all said communication, understanding and you know, all those positive verbs like the one in the self-help book will came out. Sadly, as someone who studies about human relation, i did not believe in self-help books, neither do E. Sometimes i pretend that our house is a social experiment lab, with two individual lives together trying to solve their problem together. I’m taking a self-note of whats not and to. I guess E’s also did the same way, of course, quietly.

However, I’m happy that we agreed to the bigger ideas of all this. Goals, future plans, who manage what (even tho i still insist that household works is both works,...damn it gender studies!). But yeah, this is all about not sweating the small stuff and a little humor. Wait, no, loads of humor! i think the key to pass all of this is to sharpening our ability to transform madness into humor. Well that’s just me, making summary of my mental social lab after this short span of period. I think when one loses their ability and not willing to put effort just to laugh about the situation, then we might need a counselor.