on move on with grace.

Ah it’s been really good year despite of the rollah coaster stuff. But life ain't life without all those crappy stuff, right? What will you tell to your childrens then, “eh i spent my youth just sitting and not trying to do anything or following my heart just because i'm afraid of doing something wrong” ha! Amusing story!.

I've learn for the past 2 years that, no matter how hard you keep others' feelings, trying not to hurt them, there will always people who feel hurt by you, was offended, and always felt they were a victim of your actions. as long as I know, my parents always taught me to respect others, but there are some things beyond my power, that is the opinion of others about me, about what i do, that i couldn't control.

People will judge you, blame you and discredit you, no matter how hard you try to explain to them, they just do. And just now, I let other people down too, no matter how hard i try to not to. And boy i do believe in karma, i'm not God, i made mistake and at a certain point the universe will put me in the situation where i cant avoid from feeling hurting, offended and other things as a reward of my action in the past. I'm fully aware of that.

Well, it ain't life if you cant learn from your mistake. I learn from every single things from everything that I've done. And for everything that has been done by me; it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. But let me say here, with bountiful, humble, heart open, I’am sorry. I will take it all as lessons learned and move on with grace. Cause i believe there’s always a second chance, or maybe more depend on how long you’ll live (and how gracious God to you) And it's our task not to wasting our time just regretting stuff we did in the past, rather one must using all their energy and capacity to move toward a better ones. 

*up above the Flores sky


in Ende

About 10 kilo meters from the city center of Ende, I had the opportunity and visited Riaraja and Ruku Ramba. The village is lack of access on clean water source, as well as adequate sanitation facilities. It said malnutrition and malaria remains a leading cause of death in this area. People still practice open defecation and drinking unsafe water, which resulted in an outbreak of diarrhea in young children. Education is also unequally distributed in this village. not all children are fortunate to get a basic education. In school, sanitation and proper lavatory is in poorly condition. Education, clean water and adequate sanitation is very related to each other. children who are able to get basic education cannot achieve their maximum capacity with the lack of clean water and proper sanitation. Schools with poor sanitation facilities effect on student achievement.

Almost one in six people in Indonesia still don't have access to safe drinking water, a key contributing factor high rates of diarrhea and related child deaths. There has been important progress in the last decade but too many people are still being denied this most basic right. Unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and lack of hygiene not only affect the health, safety, and quality of our life. Everyone, rich or poor, has the right to survive, the right to health, the right to a future.

There are still many tasks for the government, community and NGOs to build the villages in Ende, and Indonesia. I have made several trips and training about education, health and sanitation, sometimes I am very skeptical of the success of the programs. whether all this can be sustained? And seeing the eyes of the people i have met along the journey, the sign of helpless but also the sign of hope, for a better lives. It gave me so much energy to keep doing what i'm doing now.

I  bow down to all the volunteers, communities and organizations who fought tirelessly until every single man, woman and child has the water and sanitation that is theirs as a human right. and I look forward to the opportunities where I can help them.