Had I known how to save a life..

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What is life? I don’t know. Life is just…life. It starts, and it ends. But what is it like? It’s not like time. Time cannot be stopped. Life can. Yet, it’s like a river. Rivers can be controlled. Life can be controlled. So is life like a river? Nah. It’s not like a river, and it’s not like time… What is life? What is it like? Well, I’d say… Life is whatever you want it to be. Good or bad. No one else can make you change how your life is except you. The question now is… What DO you want it to be? It’s your choice. Make it a good one.


u.n.e.e said...

Oh yeah. How to save a life !. This song is great indeed.
Seperti bertanya,tapi seperti pernyataan juga.
life is what you make of it.

richard™ said...

my choice is GOLPUT :P *just wanna be me*

KaRina.SaputRi said...

@richard : of course, that's why i keep reading your blog ;)