i got tagged from merzy on fb. some posted about our characteritics based from dated of birth. i never belive something like this unless it's good ;)

so check the website, put my dated of birth in the coulumn and klik enter..here's the results:


  • You are Silver Cheetah, who is intelligent, cheerful and lively. what a great combination, but believe me i do sometime (or always) act in a stupid kindda way, and that's horor!
  • You don't like to loose, and are aggressive and tends to give an impression of strong-minded person. i dont like to loose?! well yes, but i find out that we cant always be a winner, and im okay with that. bout the aggresive? :)
  • You have an attractive character that is little temperamental and mischievous like fairy. seriously, i can be lil bit temprament and mischievous sometime, i just wondered how come those character can be attractive ..hehhehee
  • Your attitude is also agile. hahahhahahh, no comment with that :P
  • But because you are a temperamental person, you tend to make a move that is based on your instinct. yes, and sometime (or i have to say 'always') it's fooled me.
  • You lack feminine emotion and deepness. Big no no, i'm a born lover, so this is not true :)
  • You tend to be rather vein, and have a tendency not to show your own weakness and hence, act strongly . X)
  • Therefore, you may suffer from loneliness in your heart. X)
  • You are born a hard working person. true :)
  • Once you decide on something, you are passionate enough and have a great will-power to risk everything for it. gee! that's true
  • But once you loose realistic objective, you have a danger of not knowing where to go. oh God! focus, that's the problem
  • You should plan your life on long-term basis of concrete prospect rather than on short-term base. i'll remember this :)
  • It may be better if you carry on with your career than to get married. no way! hell no way!
  • The way you can make others happy, attracts men. amen :)
  • You possess two characters inside you. ahh, that's my alter ego, she's fine, a good girl :P
  • One which can calmly observe others, and the other one which can make you passionately obsessed. mhhh, i'm preety worried about the obsessed one :p 

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