a like-minded individual who fits like a good pair of jeans.

Someone who will make weird noises with me all the time and then laugh hysterically about it afterwards.

Someone who understands that a random hug makes the whole day seem brighter.

Someone who will always put up with my bullshit, but make me realize I need to change for the better.

Someone that may not be understands my obsession with Original Sound Track, but doesn't judge me for it either.

Someone who will call exactly when they say they will.

Someone who will be stick around, even when it's hard… especially when it's hard.

Someone who listens to my problems, and doesn't try to make theirs seem worse to make me feel better.

Someone who doesn't look at me like I'm stupid even if what I asked or said was.

Someone to make me laugh through my tears.

Someone who will go to the Starbucks across the street and be my own personal drive thru, even though they does not drink coffee.

Someone who willing to hold up the mirror and remind me to be the best version of myself possible.

Someone who thinks that my scars are beautiful.

Someone who doesn't care that I cry at the end of any movie that's remotely sad.

Someone who finishes my sentences without even thinking about it.

Someone who understands my "I'm an individual" moments.

Someone who is just as random as I am.

Someone who knows im crazy, but doesn't want it any other way.

Someone who doesn't care if I'm a size 2 model or size 14.

Someone who will talk to me until two in the morning about secrets they've never told anybody else.

Someone who can accept that reading isn't only for nerds.

Someone who will share ice cream with me and love every bite of it.

Someone who isn't afraid to sing.

Someone who asks how my day was, and genuinely wants to know the answer, no matter how long my answer may be.

Someone who doesn't care how unbelievably cheesy I am.

Someone who will go with me to thrift stores and flea markets and laugh at all the crazy things that people no longer want.

Someone with great wit.

Someone who won't get embarrassed to share photos of their youth.

Someone for whom awkward silences are actually comfortable.

Someone who is okay with just sitting in the quiet.

Someone to remind me that it's not so bad.

Someone who doesn't mind me singing loudly to obnoxious pop songs in the car.

Someone who comfortable to share his passion with me, even thought we know that we're different.

Someone who makes me laugh… as much as I laugh at myself!


Reza said...

dunno why, but i feel..not think..that this is one of your best ever..

it somehow made me feel that 'that someone' is a very lucky someone [and believe me when i say that this is my way of saying that 'i wanna be that someone' but i'm legally bind..hahahaha]

KaRina.SaputRi said...

that someone could be anyone, sister, friends, best friend?!?!?