things I realized today:

Actually skip work, for not dealing with clients, phone ringing, emails, tasks, more task,..is pretty cool. 

I really love “when ure mind made up”. And I think the movie was genius. (just exaggerate it)

My “hibernate” playlist emphasize that im in extremely gloomy mood.

I would go crazy without my friend, Gad. I feel like our combined creative juju is pretty unstoppable.

I want to fall in love again. I want to be able to trust someone again. I want a best friend that I get to make out with regularly. I want to be able to depend on and need someone else. I want to share my life with someone.

Warm weather and sunshine do wonders for my mental health.

This weekend is going to be the best on record. I can feel it ß tryin to be positive won’t kill me kan J

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