if i told you things i did before 
told you how i used to be 
would you go along with someone like me 
if you knew my story word for word 
had all of my history 
would you go along with someone like me 

i did before and had my share 
it didn't lead nowhere 
i would go along with someone like you 
it doesn't matter what you did 
who you were hanging with 

it doesn't matter what we do 
where we are going to 
we could stick around and see this night through 

thank you. It's such relieve me. And always been pleasure for me to talk with you.


kania said...

aa gemes.. liriknya berputar2 di kepala tp ga inget nadanya.. googling dulu ah hehe

kania said...

yes.. yang ada siul2nya kan.
spinto band. ahey
(maaf ya nyampah ^^')

Karina Saputri said...

ahahha,..seriusan dicari,..lagunya lucu ya hehehe