makes me laugh

Listya Manopo omg plurk is closing down? my karmaaa! T_T

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Karina Saputri at 11:43pm April 1
the hell with karma! we need to go OUT more OFTEN..like seeing guys?!?!?
Listya Manopo at 11:45pm April 1
iyeeee brisik! 

and that comes from someone who just called telkom on the first day of speedy unlimited launching? ha! 

Karina Saputri at 11:47pm April 1
well,..its the only way i could talk to the so called GUYs without looking too needy :P

Listya Manopo at 11:50pm April 1
talk or STALK? hahuahuauhauhahaaahhuaah!
Karina Saputri at 11:51pm April 1
ehemmm... emphasize aja terus,...makasih lho >.<

love her.lol


Listya Manopo said...

who doesn't? hahahaahah!

lop yu tu ;)

Karina Saputri said...

let meet..lets MEET...lets M.E.E.T

Listya Manopo said...

dufan sabtu ini ya bo?