i'm a procrastinator, not a good one, but i'm okay

Last Wednesday my boss asked me “will the light going off again today?”

And i was replied in (pretending) vain,. yes boss the lights will be off today.

But unfortunately (yes, unfortunately) the light went well all day long, and my boss said “oh Karina, you definitely can’t work on the PieLeN”

Yesterday he planned to go outside to pick up his kid with his motorcycle, and he asked again “will rains going down today?!” and I said,..”no sir, it’ll be a bright sunny in the blue sky today” .. then he go and come back, wet, saying “karina, you definitely cant apply as a weatherman”

And today, he had an appointment with a client outside the office. And he asked (yes, he asked a lot of un-important things) “karina, how’s the traffic today,. I mean on lunch time?!”.. and me staring at him saying “Sir, pardon me, but I’m definitely not going to apply as a police officer nor a DLLAJR officer”

I hope he’ll stop askin me things (well. He never)


Banie Setijoso said...

Hahahahah, aww funny funny stuffs. I like your boss as always:D

Karina Saputri said...

well,..i wish i could say the same thing x)