this and that,; just a self evaluation

My friend: “So what’s your plan in this 2010 rin?”

Me : “mhmmm..(thinking) mhmmm (start looking out through the window) mhmmm (thinking about indomie rebus pake telor :P)”

Well I don’t plan things! Some of my close friends maybe noticed that im an impulsive person. you don’t wanna know the details :P. but I guess makin plan is not a bad idea. It will be disappointing if it didn’t work out. Well, I guess it’s more like a self evaluation for me instead of resolution. We’ll see ;)

So 2010 huh?! First, stop being impulsive! Haha for some people being an impulsive one sounds not a big deal, but trust me; it’s a big deal for me. I (most of the time) embarrassed myself with being like one. And that’s just bad bad bad ;))

Second, I know this has been a cliché resolution (and I did this every year) to stop smoking. I know I can do it. But well, just can stand the temptation. So, this year, it will be a less cig than stop to consume it :P

And for the rest, just let the dice fall where they may ^_^

Ps : one thing,..if only I can, i would love to meet him this year

Pss : if not,…well just wish that I still can talk to him ;))


asti wisnu said...

i MIGHT know that HIM... ehehehe,,,
makes that a first priority resolutions and see how far you might achieve it ;p

rusiana luthfie said...

sama parah! bahkan kayaknya ini tahun pertama gue nggak beresolusi! hahaha..anyway happy new year kaarr!!