what the hell is wrong with me?!?

And for that damn sarcasms, the ignorance, stubbornness, stupid jokes – even the one where you put me as the subject, dammit I gotta admit that, yeah, you really hit me at the right place.


Reza said...

eh what happened? last time i checked you were fine :)

Listya Manopo said...

i think she caught that inevitable illness, hahaha emang musim pada mellow kali this time of year :p

hey aa reza what's been up? how come i can no longer open your blog?

Karina Saputri said...

uhmmm,...maybe, kebanyakan ujan bikin agak2 humid ;P

that light at the end of the tunnel said...


interesting blog you have here, i was blog-hopping and stumbled on yours, spent hours back tracking your posts. and i find that your writings in bahasa are more sincere somehow, while you used english to express frustration and anger for most of the time, is that true?

as for me, i haven't had that courage to write, until i do, i'll be sure to stop by again and again :)