the best dream I have ever had with my eyes wide open.

Probably there are two like-a-dream events that happened in my life for the past three year, and no, it has nothing to do with romance and finding the right one, it’s about me, myself. One was the Angkor Photo workshop (which unfortunately i couldn't not attend, not going to discuss more, since i'm already move on with the fact that i have to disregard the opportunity), and the second was Sigur Rós concert.

I can’t remember when was I start to listening to their songs, but there was a time in 2011 when I intensely having their music, days and nights. It was a really hard moment. It was the moment when I’m asking about my photography passion. And I found the answer that, I really love doing that, despite so many reason i had in my mind, I’m doing it for myself.  And there, I ventured myself by sending one of my photo series about my journey  And man, it’s not easy to pick the best pictures (especially from your own) since I have no idea what is good and not. Then I started to listen Sigur Rós music, it was actually recommended by a good friend of mine, she said “Pick one band/ musician, that actually can represent your feeling, and the one you think will connect the dots on  your photo story”.

And there I was, listening to their music every night after work, sorting out all my photos, in a dimly light 24/7 internet café. There was a night I kept askin myself “can you actually do this?”, and there was a night when I actually just want to close the entire window in the computer, go home and sleep. But the music saved me; it keeping me focus on my story and photos. And it was the last day on the submission, was listened to Hoppipola while sending the document and ride my bike with lightweight kind of feeling. It was really nice feeling. And yes, I've been chosen to be one of the participants from Indonesia among hundreds other submitter from all around Asia. And that day, I rode my bike to the beach; order a cold beer, submerged my feet into the white sandy beach. It was a good day.

As you might probably know, they (finally) came to Indonesia. It was a magical two hours ,that i'm feeling lost with their music, I feel that I wasn't in the concert building. I can feel my tired eyes screening blankly watching the monitor, I can feel the hot-humid atmosphere in the 24/7 internet café, I can feel that somehow i'm riding my bike and the dogs in my neighborhood running with me in the back, the white sand, the breezy wind, the cold beer, the feeling that I’m somehow alone in the crowd, in a strange beautiful island. Other than that it was an incredibly intense, emotional, and very euphoric point in time. The mixture of sound, lights, visuals, everyone was in their own little world of music, yet we were all connected....it was incredible...almost like a religious experience

Both of the dreams was the best dream I have ever had with my eyes wide open, and now i'm ready to move on.

Ps. listening to this while reminiscing the good old time

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