on people in your life

I can say that family and friends are the most important things behind who i am now. It’s the one thing that truly matters at the end of each and every day, no matter what is thrown my way. But instead of blabbing about how much this sentiment means to me, I’m going to talk about the power of positivity. Because like most, I've gone through my fair share in life, that didn't quite always end up happily ever after. People grow and change and the type of crowd we surround ourselves with can evolve as well. Along the way, you'll find that they are not the one you think they are. Some you think are nice, aren't not actually demonstrated a nice attitude, and some you think that they're such an ignorant turn to be the most amazing caring people. And that’s perfectly okay.
I think that's what interesting about people, they will always surprise you. I cherish these people in my life and decided awhile ago to instead of hate, but learn from them and avoid other negativity walk all over me. For me, i took my chance to get to know people, whether they interesting or not, i guess every individual are entitled the chance. And in the end it's you, who decide anyway. So far, i'm glad for having the experience to get to know people around me, let my self to be inspired by them so that i can learn to be a better person.
Oh, E and I just celebrating our second years together. I must say, it is not easy for both of us. The combination of a lover and friends sometime make us goes "oh" "ah" (not in a sexual way). But i'm glad that both of us giving each other chance to get to know each other more, to learn and to grow. We know people mock at us. Some even don't believe that this will work out. But i'm glad that we both are in the same level of thought against things that are not matter for us. There is a truly special place that is created when you surround yourself with the people you deeply care about, THAT’S what it’s all about. that we shall make it count. 

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