remember me?!?
Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Leave a comment on here. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses.

1. Where and how did we meet?
2. How long have you known me?
3. The last time we saw each other?
4. Your first impression of me upon meeting/seeing me?
5. Do you have a crush on me?
6. What's my favorite music?
7. Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else(what)?
8. Have you ever hugged me?
9. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be? Explain why you picked it.
10. If you and I were stranded on an island, what would I bring?
11. Where do you think I will be in 25 years?
12. What reminds you of me?
13. What is my best attribute?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Will you re-post this so I can fill this out for you?
Gadis Asti Ramadhani
 Gadis Asti Ramadhani at 1:47pm February 28
1. kampus, terpaksa aja kenal karna sekelas! heheheh, kidding darling!! muwach muwach!! ^_^
2. something like,,, 5 years?
3. few weeks ago! hehehe,, ga bis lama2 ga ktemu sama lo! kangeeen! *jijik*
4. cuek. arogan. picky. berhati baja *sumpah kenyataannya tu opposite smua! *
5. indeed. *hahahah, BOONG CING! gw masi normal!! although i luv u still :P*

6. lagu2 aneh yang biasa dinyanyikan rocker sambil moshing2 & lempar2 rambut ke atas bawah..??
7. weirdo, purrhapppss..??? :P
8. huggies!!!!
9. kar? heheh.. standard.
10. kabel internet?
11. lagi ngobrol ma cucu lo di coffie shop sambil berusaha membongkar their deepest little secret???
12. a mild ijo & somewhere only we know *sumpah sampe hafal gw ma ni lagu!!!*
13. scarft?
14. gada, malah ud kebanyakan hal2 yang seharusnya ga gw ucapkan tapi tidak sengaja terucap! hahah..
15. percaya ga,,? gw gatao gmana caranya :(
Banie Setijoso
 Banie Setijoso at 1:50pm February 25
U know u were supposed to work, dont u.. and im supposed to be sleeping rite now, but yeah.. life's complicated

1. Good ol facebook, gtau nih kpn smpt ke indonya u/ ktm bnrn
2. two months, now?
3. heh, never

4. huh, i should've talked to u bout this a looong time ago, hehe
5. too bad i dont? what's d best answer here
6. sweet slow music with deep lyrics that often comes from movies' soundtracks.. sometimes too slow tho
7. spunky and fun to talk and share with
8. not even through emoticons hehe
9. miss-gw-slalu-salting-kalo-ud-dekt-ma-cowo
10. useless things that u think looked beautiful so either u can take a good picture of them later, or as memories for when u were stranded on that island hehe
11. same country, same city, different job, different boy... same best friends, the same good life
12. the notification on my fb mini feed 
13. easy going and artistic soul
14. hv more faith in this world's love story :)
15. noo.. im even surprised im in this note, let alone writing to it hehe
Listya Manopo
 Listya Manopo at 12:08pm February 25
yang ngisi ketauan ga ada kerjaan hehe =P
1. kelas abnormal kayanya ya bo, pikiran gue waktu itu: senior autis hahahaha just kidding
2. 3 taun?
3. di bowling-nya ryaaaaan! najis udah lama banget
4. emang autis ternyata waakakakak

5. nggak, elo kali bo? =P
6. green day =P
7. hippie =D
8. pernah dong, secara sidang di hari yang sama (apa seh)
9. booooo (kebiasaan)
10. YOU would bring... kamera? stranded sih stranded, tapi foto mah harus dong =D
11. pulau seribuuuu! gue mau ikut next trip
12. twitter, secara yang punya elo doang hihi
13. bibirrrr
14. yes hehe some things are just better left unsaid =D
15. bo ngepost note gimenong yak? blom pernah gueee
Mala Sondang Silitonga
 Mala Sondang Silitonga at 2:44pm February 25
Demi dirimu, gua jawab deh kor... :)
1. Limboto, tetangga ya bu :)
2. since 2001 or 2002 (i forgot)
3. U came to my place last year? 
4. lively creature

5. Sorry Kor :-), but the answer is No.
6. apa ya...gua lupa tuh hehehe
7. Yes...care-loving person, good listener, and of course vintage lover kali yeee
8. pernah gak ya..? real big hug, waktu gua mo ke japon kali....lupa euy
9. nailbiter girl...hahaha gak banget ya 
10. your cell...
11. not in this country i hope...
12. nailbiter (again) gak ding...kind of etsentric girl :)
13. smokey eyes...of course
14. No, because I know that you always know whats the best for you, in live, love, job, fashion, friendship, 
15. Yes, deg-degan nih gue hehe
Asti Wisnu
 Asti Wisnu at 11:57am February 25
1.jaman kuliah lah, wanita cuek dan dare 2 be different
2. 2001 kykny ga gt knal2 bgt y, mulai smt 2yeee,,, berarti 7th,,, wow, sudah lama jg,,,
3. harusny pas lahiran anakny hanny,,, kau tak dtg, hiks2,,,, brarti pas nikahan hanny, akhir nov 2007, hr jumat
4.wanita aneh,,, secara gaya kita kn beda bgt
5. so far, g msh normal

6. gila,,,, kagak ngeh gw (sorry bow),,, yg pst bkn korean music kn??? hehe
7.perpaduan hippie n sporty
8. nop d
9. Corin saja cukup,,,, dr Karina k Corin aj org ud bs nebak ---- sok gaya lu!!!! hehehe... pis ;p
10. laptop n hape (ntah dmana jg nge-charge ny)
11.pastiny d kota besar, krn km, spt jg aku, adl wanita kota besar
12. smokey eyes --- pasti elu yg keinget klo g liat org dg smokey eyes
13. yes, smokey eyes ur best figure also 
14. ya,,, trutama wkt lu sm ur ex --- why u keep something that u cant foreseen?
15. lemme think 1st ;p
Budi Ferianto
 Budi Ferianto at 11:24am February 25
1. diangkot K02, pas gw balik PKL
2. 10 taun kah?
3. new year eve kah?
4. ga merhatiin, gw merhatiin yg disebelahnya
5. nop

6. apa aja
7. rin
8. not yet
9. ga ada, terlalu kompleks
10. laptop
11. jabodetabek ajah
12. bekasi
13. complexity
14. nop
15. maybe

some of them silly, some way too wise, some like a princess, some mature, some romantic, some just being normal...one thing in common they're all a really good friends..good to know you guys :)


Reza said...

telat ga sih kalo gua baru ikutan sekarang?

1. on the web..months ago...At Plaza Indonesia...weeks ago
2. since no.1
3. seconds ago...and since no.1
4. silent [but deadly later on]...pas ketemu..suara kenceng banget boss!!
5. arent you the one who's spose to be asking yourself this question? ;p
6. anything that suit your mood at the moment
7. how about WEIRD?
8. errr...nope...takut ditabok
9. kuya ;p karena elu kuya
10. that camera of yours..and i will bring a headphone..pasti lu brisik!
11. National Geographic Magazine
12. soul
13. you have the best friend-material :)
14. nope..can't contain myself from telling you everything


For you friend..

Karina Saputri said...

thanks Reza :)

Listya Manopo said...

gue yang mana? princess ya princess? little jakartan princess =P

Karina Saputri said...

princess culunees (is that eve a word?!?) .. :P

bok,..missing you like desperately, puding martini bok,..mari kita bikinlah..perlu berkeringat huhuuuu...

evita nuh said...

kak karina ou've been tag! :D hihihi by me! check it out in here ya http://jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com/2009/04/and-the-question-is.html