What happen last Friday? I got hit by thunder. Haha naahhh!

So maybe some of you (is there anyone read this crap :P) know that I talked to this guy like every day, oh well except on weekend, but yeah most of the time we talked, shared things in photography and laughing our self (kinda pathetic, who cares!). Until Friday, im about to give up on shooting, since I found out that it's getting worst and worst every day. But then I realize that the only thing that brings an enjoyment in my life is shooting. So I thought about having this guy as my partner. Well I know some of you will probably think that it's so lame to do this kind of shots (a guy just laughing out loud with my idea -__-"), but hell I don't care. I need to do something instead of feeling pity to myself, and regret everything later. Beside, heck im gonna be just at my cubical doing boring stuff until I get a new job. So yeah, here it goes Koffie, coming soon.


Banie Setijoso said...

Gw pgn dikoffie, riin.. too bad the requirement is that it's for couples only :P

Love the word btw, it's kinda catchy. Here's to the day when they'll say: let's do koffie before getting married!

Listya Manopo said...

kapan ya gue bisa jadi klien lo? hahaha -_-

dunno who the other half is gonna be though, believe it or not i cant imagine myself marrying that guy although i may be going bananas over him at the moment. GIMANA DONG? T_T

loh, wrong place to vent ya? :p

okay bottom line is: SO PROUD OF YOU! good luck with the business :D

Hopy said...

just like her said before.. "you do the koffie, we'll do the rest"

that light at the end of the tunnel said...


tried clicking on koffie, but it's under construction, but from comments above i assume that you are starting a prewedding photography business? and it's called koffie?

let's do koffie before getting married sounds really good :)

but how about 'let's stop for some koffie before you turn into hubby-wifey'

hehehe, corny, i know

good luck Karina!