today while im posting something on social networkin website, this words just pop up.
and i feel sad. i don't know why. this words reminds me of someone i respect.
i'm a bit disappointed to see some of my, well for me he's a good and wise man (on his own way), relationship turns awfully bad. he just stop talkin to me.
i kept thinking maybe i did or said something wrong.
and for answer my curiosity, i sent him an e-mail, and apologize if i did something bad on him.
but sadly, he never replied it.
i believe he read it, but maybe it's nothing compared to what i've done.
well, if only you read this crappy post, Captain, i'm truly sorry for whatever i've done.
and i just want you to know, that i learnt a lotS from you (and maybe you never notice that).
and kinda miss the stupid but fun chats with you and the gank.

GBU. wherever you are.

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Reza said...

it's probly because you broke his heart to pieces :p