Dear alien,

I know that I easily will fall for you for the first time I see your works. I’m suck I know that. And by the second of your witty line, I fall. Just like a lil girl when she gets her first doll (tho i chose a robot toy instead of a doll). Well what can I say, I like you. And I know I’ve been like you for a while. And I know that it’s just not right (and it feels not right for me too I guess). But I think that I need to tell you that, for my own sane. Cause it’s been a while and it makes me crazy (oh no, not you, I meant the feeling, and don’t get too cocky). I would love to blame you for this, cause you know that stupid and tricky way you got, really gets me – but I don’t think it’ll be wise blaming someone for your own feeling since you know you’re just being yourself (I know you’re gonna say “hey I didn’t do anything” )and I’m just being moron.

Heck there I’m saying you this, with a lil hope that this will be some kind of reliever for me ‘cause I know it won’t affect you in any forms. And don’t ask me why, because I know that if I say that I like someone I never met (skype doesn’t counts) I’ll sounds like an idiot (which I am, doh.) and I know you probably will think that “oh jezz dude, you know what I told you about –something is better left unsaid- thingy”, well I think I’m not a something-is-better-left-unsaid person, I tend to tell how I feel (tho I notice that I’ll regret this later, but who cares)

Okay then enough said, I guess I’m done with this stupid letter, and I must admit that no matter how evil you are, you really hit me on the right place (and I guess you never meant to, and again I’m stupid). Oh well I blabbered a lot, thanks for your time. Just in case you will take this as serious one, don’t; just pretend that this is randomly things you found on the street, like the street sign – you read it and you continue walk (cause that’s what –I think- I’m gonna do with my feeling for you).


Banie Setijoso said...

Wow.. your english writing has improved so so much. I'm kinda proud of u :P I'm sure u didnt really plan or structure it, but the writings has a really cute flow when u read it straight from beginning to end hehe.

Karina Saputri said...

hahaaa thanks, i didn't know you'll read this crap :P