on dreams

"What will you become or do in 20 years from now?" a friend of mine asked the question.

I was stunned for a moment. it's not that i don't know what i want for my future, but the fact that i have out of my current track kind of dream that scared me to answer the question. 

You see, when you're younger it's more easy for you to shout, i want to travel the world, i want to spend my whole life somewhere in Africa or Europe, i want to be this and that. And time flies, you live your regular life, work, you have a commitment; where sometimes it's againts your will, you sort of stick with what you have now. And suddenly, there's amount of distance between what you have now and what you always wanted. And the world keep spinning, father of time did not allowed you to stop. You live the kind of life where societies label it as normal one. And there, you buried your dreams.

Back to my friend question, my answered was, perhaps I know what I wanted. I know I want to be happy, by all means. I know I want to be happy whether my dream coming true or not. I know that if all that i ever wish didn’t coming true, than that’s the way it should be, for God knows why. And certainly, i will always be grateful.

Oh, me and E just celebrating our first year together. i know him for quite sometimes and never actually dream about this. together we sort of have some dreams and hopes. and they said "you should never fall in love if you don't t want to get hurt". Well, for this one particular thing, i guess i would like to keep the dreams and hopes, and looking forward to what will happen. for whatever will come.