Flores 2014
Ain't life is strange, yet funny and pretty ironic sometimes? Well i gotta to tell you that, for this time around, i promise myself to be more braver. I’m not quite sure in what term, but one in the last December i woke up from sleep and told myself that i need to be more braver.

Last year, i gotta say it was pretty fun. I gotta to do some awesome projects, travels around, meeting new people. But umm, there’s still something inside, lurking, seeking for my attention. Something from deep-dark-secretly inside my heart. Something that my guess, it has been buried for quite sometimes. A new adventure.

No. This is not about doing the around the world for eighty days (although i would love to do that) this is about the adventure of getting outside your comfort zone. Out from your routine. Out from a system that controlling you (now i sounds like the sci-fi movie). And do whatever makes you gets up in the morning and feel inspired. I know i have this problem called, spontaneous and impulsivity. Its just on my blood (i guess i got that from my late dad, thanks dad!). so in order to balance that i do whatever it takes to somehow keepin' me in the track (read, sane).

And one in last December, i don't know what hits me, i just resign from the day to day hour to hour job. At one point it’s quite relieving to be honest. I love what i'm doing now, so it is hard to just let it go. BUT, my heart is racing every single morning, just to imagine that i’ll be jobless (which is not fun, you know). And there, the Universe somehow just work. All that i secretly longing is actually waiting in front of me. Of course the Universe wont give it to me for free. It said, i need to work on that, pushing more effort rather to just dream about that.

it'll be more bumpy and scare the hell outta me. but i gotta face the fear and do it anyway, because you know, life is one bumpy and strange things, you gotta live to it. So I wish you all a blast and awesome journey. Well, it may not always be a smooth rides, but keep your faith strong and your hopes high for life is meant to be live. One must never, for whatever reason, turn their back on life. Never.

Let's do this!


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