on the wind that doesn't blow to make trees dance but to test their roots

So 2015 went too fast! If I can ask the father of time to slow down, I might just going to beg to Him. Working as a freelancer was not as bad as I thought. Well it is tough, but it’s fine. Juggling between projects, working from a moving train, cook, making cloths, babysit in between or just lay down daydreaming about other interesting project. I'm actually laugh while writing this trying to remembering stuff i did since January. The roller coaster went like a flash, ups and down, and i can’t even feel the nauseous. More like i don't have time to feel it.

As far as i can feel, i feel grateful. And i guess the universe still put me on the class so that i can learn more and more and more. Just gonna go with the flow sounds so boring, but actually that’s the plan. 

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