never embarrassed something about you like.

These line making me smile. It came from “taxi driver wisdom” a lil black book I found on the aksara months ago. i never bought the book cause its expensive (that day), but i will soon. So never embarrassed something I like. Well, actually I have plenty things about things that I do really like, but found it lil bit odd if I compare with what others interest. So instead of doing the popular “25-things-about-me” I rather do this to share my interest.

 ~ I like music. I can’t play music. But ever since we have mtv channel, I just can’t live my life without it. Oh and I used to skip school for mtv special unplugged shows.

~ I like to make my own karina’s-original-soundtrack-of-the-day lists. And today’s ost is, KT Tunstall ~ Universe & U. its been a week, but I still listening to it everyday: D

~ I like durian. I could eat a big whole durian monthong alone. And I can cleave durian skin, without any help since I was in elementary.

~ I like playing detective. I like the activity of spying and binding all information, detail and analyze it.  I always wanted to be a professional detective, just like in the movies.

~ I like sitting for hours in front of my computer. Browsing, photoshoping, arrange my i-tunes, or just playing solitaire. Sometime I just stare at my computer.

~ I like photography. And why this is weird, it’s because I don’t have a camera. But that doesn’t make me stop taking a pictures or just sitting and adoring somebody’s photographs.

~ I like to drink coffee. But I never had the reason like “coffee cures my nerves”, I just don’t have the reason. And I never drink coffee at home.

~ I like movie a lot. Always association the story with my life. And that’s make me become unrealistic sometime. I can watch the same movie for more than twice.

~ I like the concept of balancing life. My friend telling me that I can’t believe on it until 50’s, but I don’t care.

~ I like to bite my nails. And I can’t stand a day without doing it. I always say that I will put the artificial nail when I engage someday, so I can have a beautiful picture of my nails.

~ I like to read a book while I’m on my urges in the bathroom. And I always wanted to have a book shelve on my bathroom.

~ I like a smart line. I used to take a note on my cell, notebook, even on a tissue whenever I saw/hear it.

~ I like smart people. Smart people are the one who can make me laugh all day with just being themselves. And they, actually, don’t have to be smart.

~ I like to breakdown anything into a small piece and then deduced something from it. And that makes me speak “muter-muter”.

~ I like my stupidity girls. Gad,lis,ry. We never are a real BFF. But whenever we get bored with our own life, we could just hangout sometime and talk about everything as if we’re BFF.

~ I like to eat. I eat anything. Seafood, western, asia, Indonesia, bowels, anything as long as they cooked/steamed/baked/grilled it. I never like sushi, ever. And I lost my appetite when I’m in a mood of love.

~ I like the song Secret Garden from Bruce Springsteen. And somehow I felt like I’m Dorothy Boyd in the Jerry MacGuire’s.

~ I like to dress based on my mood. I can be sporty, girly, boyish, but mostly you can see me wearing jeans, sneaker and jacket that I bought from flea market.  

~ I like the personal quote from one of my friend “Jangan percaya jodoh, just believe that you're in love and that you're willing to keep it that way” and somehow I believe on it too.

~ I like the last guy that I went together with. I think his nice and I would like to know more about him. 

ps: i know it's not 25! im just bored :P

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