meet your other-half through statistics

me: eh, pertanyaan


Reza : sure

me: lo percaya nggak, there is something like "our/missing half" or something like that

*lu kan lebih jgo dengan kata2

reza: :P

kita ngomong statistik yuk

how old are you?

me: hahhahhahahahh


reza: serius

me: okei, gak mau jawab, or males mikir

reza: just play along dummy

me: btw im 26 in a few more weeks :)

reza: youre 26, okay. Currently there are more than 6 billion people residing in this earth and one third of that...2 billion are male *assuming that you’re other half is a man

me: :)

reza: and 50% of the 2 billion are in their productive age, meaning between 18-45. 1 billion 99% of the 1 billion..does not have sexual disorder

me: i got C on basic statistic :P

reza: 999 million

me: ...

reza: and im again assuming that you'll go for older but not too old man. so it will be somewhere between 24-30 years old, they are 60% of the 999 million, 599.4 million eligible male

me: ...so u said that ....dimana korelasinya dul :P, im not workin today,..jadi otak gue melambat :D

reza: sabar, gua multitask dan 70% dari jumlah itu tinggal di kota besar karina 419.6 million male. mudah untuk kita sort secara fisik. you probly want someone taller than you. Lets assume that 90% of those are taller that leaves you with 377.64. 377.64 people lets again assume that 30% of those are university graduate. 113.292 million Lets again assume that 10% of those are good looking. 11.3 million. But how they will suit you personally?. it will take time to get to know each one. But 11.3 million is a lot. You are bound to find someone that understands you even better than you understand yourself. But do you have time to conduct such massive search?. Nope. So what you have to do is...keep on looking and rely on chances that the first 50 person you see is among the 11. And among the most suitable for you that is the best you can do. The chance of you finding your other half is 1 : 11.329.214. Now that’s what i call statistic

me: :) boleh gue tulis di blog gue nggak?

Reza: sure

me: thanks :)

Reza: like a bridge over troubled water

me: iya iya

Reza: i will ease your mind

me: iya iya like bridge over troubled water


About the author said...

the statistic is flawed. time (and your age) is a moving target, so is your preference of "soul mate", so is your geo location (we're in a global village i know, but traveling to north antartica is prohibitively expensive, for example). the point is: don't depend on it.

you're a lovely lady. think positive about *having* a soul mate, the dream will come true eventually :)

Reza said...

no it's not flawed, numbers don't lie, people do

true about time and age are moving targets..but even so..statistics [as in numbers] also change over time, its a dynamic probability, so when karina reaches 30 [if lho ya ;p] it'll be a completely different numbers

about that global village thingy, totally agree, it will be expensive to fly to north antartica just to find someone [why *north* antartica anyway? argentina you mean? or were you trying to say north pole?]. This'll be cliche, but when it's right..it is right..have you ever flew to Johannesburg just to say that you want to spend a lifetime with someone in person? ;)

thank you for being soo blunt

and karina..mendingan putih deh blog nya..seriously..you've been in your gloomy days for far too long ;p

rusiana luthfie said...

cuma bisa bergumam.."wow"..

Karina Saputri said...

hahaha, that guy just blabbered dear :P ..and thank you for visiting my blog :)