I’ve been not myself lately.

I always love to shoot, maybe since I was on junior high. I’m a visual person. I can imagine some visual things beyond any other people, I guess. I snap what I like, what I feel. I interpret my works with my own thought. I never cared whether people would understand it or not. I just don’t care. I just do what I like.

But for the past couple months, I’m not myself. I do networking to upgrade some knowledge about photography (in this way, I feel this is the right way to learn). In other way, I became very consider what would be one thinking about my works. This lead the way i shoot. I shoot what people expected me to shoot. I try to satisfy what they want to see. Yet I feel if I can do that, I can be just as good as they are.

But lately, I somehow feel that it was so wrong. I miss the way I shoot. I miss looking at my own works and see it the way I used to see. I miss to shoot with my own imaginary. Someone told me that my previous works can be just lucky shots (since I know nothing about photography techniques). What if it's true, that I was just lucky? Does it mean I can’t be good with that?

Before I wrote this, I randomly preview my past works. I feel warm inside. I still remember how I feel on the day I took the shots. And it does feel good. And I think I should just get back working the way I used to be. Do it with my own way. And what about people, should I care, or just ignore them? Well I guess I just let people think the way they think. I don’t mind if they don’t like it, it just a matter of different perspectives. While at the moment, I still can learn a lot thing from their perspectives too.

Oh, I’m not a photographer. I just love to shoot.


Anonymous said...

...aslinya nyeniwati...in english an artist for real..;D

Banie Setijoso said...

Honestly, the world is too saturated with professional photographers who take good pictures.. we need more humans who take eccentric shots

Reza said...

big words B ;) gua engga ngerti.. :)