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..my camera. Yeah well, last year during my trip with E to Jogjakarta I lost my phone. I must tell you that I feel hollow when I found out that it wasn't in pocket. I'm not really sad with the phone itself, but all the images that I've been taken for the past 2 years. That makes me sad. I know some of my fellow photographers (umm they’ll hate it when I said that – so photography enthusiast might be the right words) always mock at me whenever I took something with my phone. They said I’ll lose my mojo thing. I laughed.

What’s not to like about taking images with your phone? It’s light, fast, and easy. Not to mention they have bunch of apps that will makes your images looks prettier.  Since I've always taken black and white pictures, the apps help me with the coloring one. I've always (always) wanted to take a nice color pictures – too bad I suck with the button and stuff from the digital cam, so I set it all in black & white and let the available light helping me do the justice. So there I lost my magic coloring things along with my phone.

And you know what? That’s true. I've been abandoning my cameras ever since I have the phone. After I lost it, it’s kinda of hard to adjust my eyes trough the viewfinder. It feels different.  (and I can hear all my friends are laugh and saying “we told you!”)  I was a bit panicked actually. I’m afraid that i actually will lose it. Fortunately I brought my camera with me during the trip and manage to took some pictures. Usually I will just ignore them until I really want to see it. But last weekend, I asked E to ride me to the photo lab and print some pictures from the trip. And it wasn't bad at all. I still have it. (umm btw we’re not talking about images result from a pro-photographers kind of quality). But it’s fine for me.

Well, one thing I know is..it is really good to be back :)

ps. did you know that holding your pictures in printed format has its own sensation?!

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calosa said...

totally can relate to your lines! :)