Too much motivational quotes about anger just gets me even angrier.

I know. I may not be a always-in-positive-thinking-and-cheer up-all-the-freaking-time kind of person. Once in a month I gets angry. Once in a random month I feel angry like punching someone in the face. And in between I feel like shouting and yelled. That's me. I once in a while, had a feeling to rip someone's mouth with a scissor.

Will that makes me a bad person? Will that makes me a smaller person? Or like the wise man said "it destroyed you", will it destroyed me? or makes me a weak person?

Well, I'm not a bad person. Trust me. I just think that we, well me and some of you who share the same feeling, should be able to deliver our feeling. The feeling of anger. I don't see the point from holding it inside. Grudging it. Or just ignoring it. I think that's not right. I would like to be able to tell someone that "hey, that makes me angry. Do you think we can sit and discuss about it?"

I just don't understand people who stick with the goddamn quotes and let alone the anger burning deep inside them. I'm not talking about physical abusive anger. I'm talking about  the feeling.

Do you think you will sleep better with that? I know I can't. Do you think that, quoting Ralph Waldo's, for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness? Because I know that if I can deliver the feeling and let the person know about my feeling so that we both can learn something from it, it will makes me happy.

Cause you know, none of us can read one's mind, and not everyone is given the ability to be sensitive toward one's feeling.

So i guess...get mad, sort it out, and get over it.

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