Not many things to share at the moment. Im 29th now. Got a contract based kind of job for 2 year – probably not that nice but it paid my bills and I traveled around. Still doing some photography  - and of course, the instagram. Still singing while taking a shower – no. the voice’s not so good, but it makes me happy. My parents expecting their first grandchild this November – I refuse to be called with ‘Bude’. Once a while I miss my bali life – not the job. I gave up stalking people on the net now – it doesn’t matter anymore, and besides being away from the net is kinda peaceful. I like to draw at the moment – not a pro one but colors makes me relax. I miss to cook – and thinking about Italian cooking class next to my office.

Oh well im 29th now. No, not that old. I still dream to see the world – will ignore my dad who said “it’s teen age’s dream”. I’m still a persistent person – with negotiating ability improved. My grammar still sucks – who cares. Despite all the craziness that happened, I wish I am a better person now. Not for everyone, just for myself.

happy belated birthday me.


calosa said...

happy birthday to you :)

Karina Saputri said...

thanks Cal! :D

rusiana luthfie said...

happy belated bday kar!
well im 28 but i feel u. hiks.

Karina Saputri said...

thanks Ina! :D