on august (not so) rush.

For no reason I just want to recap what happen around august. not that it's important moth or something, and I know that new years still in couple of months and I just turn older last month. So I guess i'm just doing this for the sake of, to keep me mental (read, so many deadline and life-list tasks to catch up, need to ramble a bit about life)

So what have changed around august in last few years (well, more like since I registered my own blog)

August 2008 – found out that i love to work more and more. enjoying driving really early in the morning in the JORR highway, fresh air and beautiful mist. 80% of my working collegue was male! Oh and I found out that having a girl friends is fun, considering that I were more prefer boys than girls, friend. got a salary raised and bonus-es. was thought that im way too independent and it scared shit out of some guys who approached me. whenever im upset i just spent out more time in the office and i feel much more better.

August 2009 – trying to balance myself and It find my way back to my old passion, photography. How I really enjoy exploring the life surrounding me tru the lens. Not that I’m a pro one and hell with fancy gears. Also, I found the joy tru having stranger friends from around the world since I used to be an offline person before. I even made some good friends with some people with the same interest in photography. So yeah, many photo hunting or just hang out in some coffee shop and talked about random things. Was fun.

August 2010 – was really busy around the month. Juggled between personal life (read internet social life) and work. Yes, I rarely go out and spent loads of time in front of computer (doing work or just starry blankly at the screen), I slept with my computer on. And never actually turn it off, except if it sounds weird. Had a secret crush with my internet buddy after more than a year having him days and night on the skype, was really fun until I found out he’s NOT single (he never told me, until I asked. Wtf, I know!). Bummer I know, but I told him anyway (for the sake of, yeah my mental sake-again) and never asked him to respond it. So yeah, I chinned up and go back to my routine life (plus the hang out outside the bedroom-more).

August 2011 – contemplate about  my life in the island of god. Life is doing so much great. Had summer fling once a while. It was fun. I was mentally proclaimed to myself that, I guess I can live all by myself with lovely people (and nature) surrounding me. Bought a pink bike. Had a gay neighbors. Lived in a gay-red-light district. Lived with 11 roosters, 1 dog, 1 cat. Spent the weekend in the near resort pool and pretending that i was the guest of the resort. Skiny dip at the nearest beach. Good pizza just around the corner. Friends from around the world. Find the joy in cooking. And never actually locked my door, except if I leave the house (and always keep the key inside my old chuck’s right in front of the door!). It was a really awesome year-away-from-big-city moment for me.

August 2012 – life has been great. Got a decent job. And the most important, health insurance (im getting old you know). Sometimes I feel like I kinda lost in direction but I manage. Also, I found out that it’s okay to be by yourself and it’s okay if you decide to hang out in no other place than your very own room (just to read and snuggle down to watch your favorite movies).  Life is good indeed and I started to saving more now (never to late for saving, said the expert). Oh and the secret crush? He secretly likes me back. :)

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