on one-night stand

As we know that, this particular relationship (can I call it 'relationship'?) lately has become very familiar in our modern society. I’m not judging anyone who actually lives with this type of relationship as their philosophy of life (I had my moment anyway). Just recently, one of my good friends told me that he’s been doing this particular relationship while at the same time he engaged to a really lovely lady, who is also my friend. Was actually shocked and thought that, oh wow yeah, very classy of you buddy. Oh and this has nothing to do with gender, man and woman, can have their equal issue.

So it came across my mind, why would someone having a loveless passionate (well not sure about this being involved, but I assume this also contributed in the activity) night with other person without any string attached? To break out of routine, work stress, alcohol, and adrenalin rush? Or is it the opportunity, for having a non-paid sexual activity with someone who –at least interesting for you at that moment?

I think human beings can not be separated from the temptation of having a tremendous experience without actually thinking about having the responsibility as a couple (or obligation to snuggled, or caressing, or lovey-dovey thingy). To experience other things beside your routine activities; or to feel being a care-heart-less person for one night; or just simply let the alcohol beat your sense for once. I guess in our deepest heart, we wants to feel those feeling, at least for one night. But then again, will you sacrifice your devoted relationship, your common sense, your inner voices just for having a one-night-heartless stand?

i guess everyone -in their conscious stage- realize the consequences. good or bad. it's just, will you ignore it or not?

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Nanda Soraya said...

it's the same exact thing that's recently inside my head too. I hope you don't mind I copy this post to my blog hehehe thanks!